ipsy bag: June

Hello my dear friends! I’ve been debating weather to make a post about this or not because as you may know I became a vegan on June 6th (if you didn’t know here is a post that talks about it) and this subscription has little to none vegan products so yeah. In the end I decided […]

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First Vineyard Experience!

My heart jumped with excitement this past Saturday because we were going to have such an amazing experience at the Ocoabay Vineyard and Club. Me and my boyfriend had a tour of their vineyard and to have a wine testing of their own wine after the tour of the complex. Everyone was super nice and […]

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Summer is for being Naked.

Well… since my body is not completely fit, I’ll limit the bare nakedness to just my face. If you follow me on twitter you’d already know that I’ve been wanting to take more care of my skin and investing more on my skin care products rather than make up since I’m aiming to achieve a […]

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The Big Cut?

   Something that I’ve been wanting for a while is to once and for all get rid of all that damaged coloured hair that made it look dull and lifeless! And last night I finally did!

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Bravo Zac Posen!

Its more than clear who took home the crown of best dressed last night at the MET Gala. Clair Danes in that pale blue princess like gown that seems simply beautiful while light is shining but its completely MAGICAL once the lights go out. I am completely in love with this!

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The Intro Post.

THIS is my Blog and like everyone who starts one or reads one for the first time asks this question, why start one? Well, regardless of how close you are to your friends/family there are always things about your life, likes and dislikes that they might not necessarily get, understand or simply just don’t care. […]

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