Discrepancy in package deal products. 

Hey guys! Today I wanted to write about something that has always sparked curiosity in me on how these companies think when selling their products. When I say package deal I am referring to those products in which you are sold a pack that includes 2 or more containers with products in which one acts on the other or one needs to be used after the other. Yeah cool , thanks for making it easier for us and selling them like that! But why if I am meant to use both products simultaneously, they don’t contain the same amount of product or the equivalent of its usage! For example:


Bleach and their developers, am I the only one who is always left with half of the creme bleach? I bet not. Same with teeth treatments, hair treatments, etc etc etc… So what is up with that? Any logical explanation?

If you know let me know in the comments below!

Much love!

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Is there a balance between foodie and Skinny B°tch?

And I wonder… Does such a thing exist?

My whole life I’ve struggled with a few extra pounds that I’ve wanted to get rid off to feel better, to look better, but I’ve never managed to keep it together long enough to look the way I want to. Am I meant to look this way for ever? am I just not built for fitness? where is my will power? and if anyone sells jars of it, where the heck do I get some!?

Ever since I was like 15 or so, I’ve been looking for ways to loose the weight and tried all the crap I found online like:  no carbs diet, liquids diet, raw diets, and so on.. last year being the year of the fitness revolution and dietitians bombing on us that we can we wanted as long as “It Fit Your Macros” the whole thing is extremely confusing and I just cannot live my life counting all the calories I am consuming and keeping track of things like this and not completely enjoying them. when I know people where willing to go to extremes is when I started seeing couples with an electronic food weight weighing their meals at restaurants… NO! that is not for me!

And then, there is the working out part! the lowest I’ve been weight wise was at 130 pounds being 5’8″ tall and that was me working out 2 hours a day at the gym, I did body combat for an hour as my cardio and then weights… that weight was pretty low and I still hadn’t gotten rid of the problem.. so I gave up and now I am back to a lovely 165 pounds! 35 extra pounds gained in a period of 9 months. I had such a great time eating all the things I wanted and not having a care in the world.. the problem started when I couldn’t fit into my clothes… that was like a wake up call to do something, the thing is I am not that excited to eat extra healthy again and workout like a maniac everyday!

I think everyone wishes there was a magical potion or way to keep the weight off without compromising… but seems like there are no short cuts! sad ain’t it!?

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