First Vineyard Experience!

My heart jumped with excitement this past Saturday because we were going to have such an amazing experience at the Ocoabay Vineyard and Club. Me and my boyfriend had a tour of their vineyard and to have a wine testing of their own wine after the tour of the complex. Everyone was super nice and […]

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Summer is for being Naked.

Well… since my body is not completely fit, I’ll limit the bare nakedness to just my face. If you follow me on twitter you’d already know that I’ve been wanting to take more care of my skin and investing more on my skin care products rather than make up since I’m aiming to achieve a […]

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Adult Kids, The lost Childhood.

As I get older I’ve become more observant of the things that happen around me and the changes that are happening. One of the things that I notice more and more is that this younger generation is concentrated solely on skipping stages of their lives wanting to become adults or be perceived as adults emulating […]

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My go-to Makeup Brushes

I bough these around 2 years ago and are still going strong! my brushes (exept for the one that comes in the Urban Decay NAKED pallet)  are from Sedona Lace, they are very affordable and are good quality. Since I get up to go to work every morning I keep it simple and relaxed in […]

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The Fun part of Social Media

I sometimes like to think that I am not the only one who loves taking the time to make their social media reflect who they are and look… pretty! There is such a satisfying feeling after I am done  editing and I take a look at my blog posts or my Instagram, I cant really […]

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Plantain Mini Baskets

  These little baskets may not be the healthiest thing in the world but they are pretty yummy and are good to serve as finger food or company to any dish! Plantains are such a latin american vergetable? that it maight be difficult to find in some countries if you don’t go to a farmers […]

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Work days face routine 🖥

On work days I try to let my face rest as much as possible and not use makeup because the skin needs to breath for it not to break out. As ugly and tired as I might look in that photo (just woke up😅) I am really proud of how well I’ve been taking care […]

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The Big Cut?

   Something that I’ve been wanting for a while is to once and for all get rid of all that damaged coloured hair that made it look dull and lifeless! And last night I finally did!

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Dainty Love ❤️

Remember how I said I wanted to slowly but surely change my jewelry and clothes? Well here is my start!  How lovely are these? I am inlove! The necklaces and the earings were a gift from the boyfriend and are from forever 21, and the bracelet and ring set iI bought at Pull and Bear. […]

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