Treat yourself, be your own QUEEN!

Hello you guys! I hope you all are doing great. I know you might have noticed that it’s been a while since I last posted, also I deleted my youtube account (I had so many hours in the day to keep up with it) but I promise that I have been up to… well… nothing. Yeah, life got to me. After an insane amount of overlapping work and life decisions that I had to make for the future,  I felt so overwhelmed that I just had to go through with it and get it over and done.

And so it was done, then what?… Till this day I ask myself the same question. after  I came into slump mode, with no job, a project in the works that seems like will never take off and then there is the most important thing to me (or so I’ve convinced myself of thinking while neglecting it completely), my health, which has gone to shit lately. could it be the fact that I am now 29? or have I just given up on myself as the years went by? YES, YES and YES to all of the above. Continuously having crapy luck in life and not catching a break takes a toll on you mentally and you start to cave into living life in slump-Ville as a sack of potatoes.

You guys I was basically depressed. I unconsciously stopped doing everything that had to do with caring for myself, no hair care, no skin, body, o nail care, my mood was HORRIBLE. Because I neglected my… everything, my skin was the one that started showing more sings I started to get pimples and I am not a pimples kind of gal, well, who is?… while slightly freaking out, I started to look into skin care things, videos and make up that looked natural and dewy and Glossier seems to be the go to for the natural glowy skin cool girl vibe (that I am super into) and looking for reviews I came across Amy Serranos youtube channel and literally almost watched all of her videos! I LOOOOVE HER, and her vibe is just so… I don’t even know! she is so authentic, open and honest which is super refreshing!

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Even though my research goal was to see whether or not I should spend my money on glossier products, seeing her videos totally woke me up! I mean the way she cares for herself and treats herself like she is a queen and well deserving (and thankful) for everything she has and gets, is just damn right cool! there is nothing that motivates more than someone who just exudes confidence and passion for what they do and who they are unapologetically.  Which brought me back to the beginning and asked myself… why did I let go? Where is my inner Queen? why am I not treating myself that way? am I not worthy of the things I worked for? why did I stop caring about ME!? and for every answer and for every excuse I found, I also found a solution! in conclusion, I can never come in last in my own life because there is no reason for it.

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 5.45.33 PM


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