Adult Kids, The lost Childhood.

As I get older I’ve become more observant of the things that happen around me and the changes that are happening. One of the things that I notice more and more is that this younger generation is concentrated solely on skipping stages of their lives wanting to become adults or be perceived as adults emulating their favorite celebrities or the next girl/boy who is.. well, imitating that one trendy celebrity! So I question myself, who’s to blame? the parents for not keeping a eye on their kids? The media for promoting this? The unfiltered celebrity who shows and says whatever to whom ever, whenever they want? who knows!

I had such a wonderful childhood playing all sorts of sports or games like hide and seek with other kids on the parking lot sharing our ice cream and talking about the last episode of Dragon Ball Z (yeah I know LOL)  if we could watch it all together that was. Now  see girls that are between the ages of 12 to 16 wearing the SKIMPIEST outfits, and with better makeup skills than a makeup artist, Boys acting all gangster and stuff.. ugh, NO! Building skills when you are young has nothing wrong, but sexualizing it?…NO!  That age is SO beautiful and careless and free! enjoy it, because trust me that is the shortest period of your life, adulthood starts in your twenties and continues from then forward. I am turning 28 on July 16th and sometimes I feel more like a kid than they might! I eventually want to have kids of my own and I am really scared that they’ll feel the pressure to meet their expectations. I’m extremely happy that I enjoyed such pure and happy years of my life and can share stories to them!
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2 thoughts on “Adult Kids, The lost Childhood.

  1. Love this post. As parents we have say over what kind of media our child even sees or knows about, at least for the 1st half of their childhood or so. I feel like a lot of parents don’t realize this. I hear so many parents say they don’t want to be the bad guy but sometimes to be a good parent you have to. Pretty sure “bad guy” is in the job description.


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