Work days face routine 🖥

On work days I try to let my face rest as much as possible and not use makeup because the skin needs to breath for it not to break out.

As ugly and tired as I might look in that photo (just woke up😅) I am really proud of how well I’ve been taking care of my face! I have little break put, spots or blemishes. It is completly normal to have a couple, it will all depend in genetics and your diet.

This are the products that I use to achieve my very very subtle makeup that makes me look more awake. I want to clear out that I don’t do the makeup part this every single day, just the days when my skin is showing all the veins in my face (yeah i know, weird) specially on my cheeks.

As soon as I wake up I wash my face while the water heaters is doing its job with this Himalaya Herbal Oil Clear Foaming wash, followed by my Ponds Bio-Hydrating cream to let is soak in while I shower.

After that I use my E.L.F Tinted Moisturizer in the color SAND. I love this product because is very light and does exactly what I want that is to even out my skin tone and hide this veins. To that I apply this shimmery bronzer from AMUSE (can see the name) to my cheeks and to light up my eyes I apply this E.L.F jumbo pen in the most beautiful shimmery gold color.

 For my lips I use in a little amount this lipsticks from MILANI in the color Matte Beauty, its a lovely nude color that compliments my skin tone.

And that is it for my everyday makeup for work! I feel like it gives me a glowy look with out being too obvious. hope you enjoyed it!

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