The Intro Post.

THIS is my Blog and like everyone who starts one or reads one for the first time asks this question, why start one? Well, regardless of how close you are to your friends/family there are always things about your life, likes and dislikes that they might not necessarily get, understand or simply just don’t care. That’s why I decided to use this beautiful tool to connect with those of you who get it, understand it and care.

Having said that, my blog is basically a compilation of the things I enjoy most like fashion and style, interior design, DIY, music, books etc… Hope you enjoy and find interesting what I have to share with you all.

Disclaimer Time:

  • Everything that will be posted here is just MY honest opinion without disrespecting anything or anyone.
  • All posts and pictures are by me.
  • I am not a writer nor is English my first language, so bare with me guys.